by Kevin John Cheek (Author)

Slade: The Legend

-Slade: The Legend: Follow the journey of Nick Slade as he struggles to fulfil his dream of becoming a professional wrestler and the legacy he lives behind. Slade: The Legend is a story about friendship, destiny, and how they intertwine. . Against all odds and large obstacles that keep getting in his way, Slade was always able to somehow come out on top, even after his death.

-Enter the Imaginarium: What is an Imaginarium? We watch sports in a gymnasium, we listen to a concert in an auditorium, and now you can enter this Imaginarium in order to see the author’s imagination. This literary works collection is comprised of short stories and poetry that has been written in the past thirty years. There are many different types of poetry including spiritual, Native American, humorous, random poems, and of course poems about the people that he has met over the years.

About The Author

Kevin John Cheek

Blessed with the gift of the gab, Kevin John Cheek was born on Sunday, May 21, 1972, in the small town of Phil Campbell, Alabama. Kevin brought unlimited smiles and laughter to John Cheek and Reta Hall Cheek, who were one of the first to witness his imaginative talk. From an early age…

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